Write good stories easily


Write good stories easily

Think of the time when you had to make up a story for not going to school. Different stories to your mother, different to your teacher and different to you friends ( Obviously to brag about it…right?!)

Or the time you have to brag to your friends about how you met this (imaginary) beautiful girl and how you developed friendship with her and how you are going on dates. Come on, don’t tell me you never did it.

We all have written stories in our mind and have given it for “free” to our parents, sisters, brothers, friends, teachers and after growing up to our girlfriends, wives, children, bosses….the list is endless.

So If the mind be bulb …words are the light that it emits! 

Words have power beyond thoughts. If words can hurt, they can also heal. In other words (pun intended), words can simply make you feel better or worse.

 Anyone who can call in the power of words to express feelings that can be understood and enjoyed by everyone, can easily take the role of a writer.

A writer can reveal the deepest of emotions with simple language.

The lines written with simplicity and empathy can bring out a child in someone, or the hidden romance in someone else.

If a pen is mightier than the sword, then a writer is the mightiest. Endless verses can be written about writing and being a writer, but what is it that makes a writer? Do you really feel that everyone cannot be a writer? Is it a gift bestowed only on a chosen few?

or is it that only a chosen few choose to write? What draws anyone to writing and what makes a good writer? Are there rules to being a good writer, the kind who can touch you without even knowing your existence?. So if you are still thinking “Can I write?.Is it that easy?”. Well, if you are still not convinced that you, then read on to gain more confidence with How to be a good writer

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