Film Making Workshop

Film making is a long process and it is not easy to teach everything within a week or so, but taking into consideration, the time and the money involved; we have worked out a small but effective course that will teach you digital film making.

While saying this we don’t say that you will start creating blockbuster movies, but yes, you will surely come to know what film making is all about and you will be able to independently produce and direct at least short films.

We will be conducting workshops in various parts of India depending on the number of students joining for the workshop.

Script writing Workshop

We have a team of experts from the industry who will train you in the art of screenwriting. The process of screenwriting is completely different from writing a novel, a poem, or essay. The writer uses the Screenplay format to express the story visually. Scriptwriters or screenwriters write for film, television, YouTube videos and Online web series.

It can be easily said that the process of screenwriting is much more difficult than filmmaking itself. We have tried to compress the duration and give the best possible training. We will require a batch of minimum 11 students so that we can cover the entire process involved in different kinds of screen writing.

Submission to Film Festivals

Theatre Workshop

An actor has to have control over his mind, body and voice. Every person emotes differently in same or different situations. An actor has to define his character. It’s a process of evolving as the character he is playing, and the moment his role is done, he has to revert to his original self, but still contemplating and understanding the character he has portrayed. A process of switch on and switch off. Our workshop will help you understand this. Acting can never be taught. It can only be shared, honed and experience. It’s what you want to learn about yourself and maybe even understand others.

Book writing Workshop

As much as it may seem interesting to choose fiction as your muse, there is also an untold fear amongst most fiction writers. Will my story be loved?

Fiction is like an open playground where a writer has control over everything. The story, the characters and the plot itself. This itself may inspire many an aspiring writer to venture into fiction.

Although no book is a guaranteed best seller, there are certain nuances which writers can be mindful of, when writing, to make sure their work is a success.