Create Your Own Story and Succeed

So, if you’re looking to be one of those who create magic with their words, look no further. Here are the 5 most important tips to being a good writer. 1. Read to get inspired Inspiration is a way of life. The creator has almost created everything and whatever has come is just out of […]

How to be a good writer

We guess you have read our article Write good stories easily. That’s why you decided to come here, if not you can still go back and read it. Coming to the point on the rules to writing. It has always been and being debated, discussed, analysed, concluded by many, and it wouldn’t harm if we […]

Write good stories easily

Think of the time when you had to make up a story for not going to school. Different stories to your mother, different to your teacher and different to you friends ( Obviously to brag about it…right?!) Or the time you have to brag to your friends about how you met this (imaginary) beautiful girl […]

How to be a successful Screen Writer for Films

How to be a successful screen writer for Bollywood films.So, you have decided to write a story for a Bollywood film?. Let us take you into the process of getting depressed, dejected, rejected and feeling like a complete failure. You will write a story thinking that your idea is unique. Don’t be surprised of you […]

How to make a good film

Before writing for screen, it is necessary to understand the language of cinema. Basically language of cinema is thought to be visuals.But there is more to it than just visuals in the making of cinema Cinema deals primarily with TIME and SPACE. You can slow or fasten time, extend or compress space. You can show [...]

What is Script Writing

Do you want to learn script writing?

So what are the essential things to know in script writing?

Script writing also termed as screenwriting is the process of writing stories in the way the
audience sees it on the screen. Script writing is complete with elements like the movement,
actions, expression and dialogue of the characters.