How to be a successful Screen Writer for Films

how to be a successful film writer

How to be a successful Screen Writer for Films

How to be a successful screen writer for Bollywood films.
So, you have decided to write a story for a Bollywood film?. Let us take you into the process of getting depressed, dejected, rejected and feeling like a complete failure.

You will write a story thinking that your idea is unique.
Don’t be surprised of you find someone with a similar idea. Even if you have written your own life story, you may still find it similar to someone else’s story.Dejected?…Then back off…or just read further

100 years of cinema has already crossed its border.
Many ideas, concepts, sequences have already been used, abused, treated, ripped, beautified, in cinema across time, across the world. So unless you are from an another planet, don’t worry about originality.You can surely take inspiration to create something new and it will still be a hit. There are many films that are based on the “The Prince and The Pauper “. Set in 1547, it tells the story of two young boys who were born on the same day and are identical in appearance.

In Bollywood itself there are many movies made on those lines and many others inspired by it

  1. Ram Aur Shyam
  2. Raja Aur Rank
  3. Seeta Aur Geeta
  4. Jaise ko Taisa
  5. Phandebaaz
  6. Chaalbaaz etc etc

Start writing a story today. Wondering how to go about it ? If you want to know more visit our blog What is Script Writing or just register for our  Script Writing Workshop  conducted by experienced screen writers.

Or if you think you are ready to write a story, then write it and get yourself and the story registered with the Writers Association

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