Create Your Own Story and Succeed


Create Your Own Story and Succeed

So, if you’re looking to be one of those who create magic with their words, look no further.
Here are the 5 most important tips to being a good writer.
1. Read to get inspired
Inspiration is a way of life. The creator has almost created everything and whatever has come is just out of these creations after inspiration. For being original you have to have knowledge of what is and what is not.
Every writer who ever got to write anything worthwhile must have read something at some point of time to get inspired. Be it the immortal playwright Shakespeare or even our own Munshi Premchand. Reading is always an investment a writer makes to get returns out of his own writing. Read anything and everything you can lay your hands on. Who knows even reading a label may help. So, be it books, newspapers, grocery lists, captions, advertisements, stories, just leave nothing. Read to create imagination, even a grocery list can create an anecdote for a short story writer.
Read stories written by different writers to try to gauge their writing styles, their creative imagination, their clichés and whatever it is that makes their writing interesting. Read the works of all writers to understand why certain writers are at the helm and some abysmal. Read all genres and subjects, whether you would ever write about them or not. Be a sponge, absorb all that you read. Bookmark things that especially entice you. Draw inspiration from your reading. Read ‘daily’.
2. A positive criticism, analyse negative criticism and work on it if it’s worth
As unintelligent as it may seem, this is one of the cornerstones of good writing. Make writing a habit which is not to be missed even for a single day. Write stupid stuff, bad stuff, irritating stuff, humorous stuff, your day to day experiences, your thoughts on the political debates (humorous or serious doesn’t matter). Write about your ailments, the ailments of others, the sufferings and pain of your own self and also that of others. Read them time and again don’t delete them. Keep them for reading in future and write again. Each time go back to your previous writings and read it to see the difference and analyze the progress.
But, write. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like how it shapes up. Go back and write. Go to your desk and write. Write a paragraph, a sentence or even a word, but do not miss out on your daily dose of writing. It gets you closer to yourself. You discover where you’re going wrong and what needs to improve. You may not write a masterpiece in the first attempt itself, but you won’t get any closer if you don’t write. The bestselling books start with a word. Write that word!
3. Entertain yourself
Now, that’s fun, but not the fun part! Make your TV your new best friend. Watch movies and TV shows. These are places where storytelling is at its best. Watch them as a writer. See how the plot thickens, see how a mystery unfolds. See how characters emote. A good writer is a great storyteller. Have room for stories in your writing. When you watch TV, look for inspiration from everywhere. How would you describe the background, or the weather or the dress of that lady or even the table lamp in the corner of that room? Is there paint peeling off a wall? Write it. Put it all into words. Words are the ammunition that writers yield.
4. Grammar: the bane on our existence but the necessary evil
As much as it is important to write, it is more important to write rightly. Know where you need an ellipsis, or a comma. What type of comma? A listing comma or an Oxford comma? When do I need a hyphen and where do I put a dash? Are they both the same? Is there a better word I can use? What dictionary am I going to use? Am I going Brit or American? A white small flower or A small white flower. Which one would you choose and why? Good grammar means effective and smooth communication. You want your readers to flow with your story, not work their way through webs. Make them come back to your work even after they’ve put it down. Every grammatical error, every spelling mistake is going to have you calling Mayday!
Don’t give up on yourself
A great man said ….
Success comes with experience…Experience comes from failures…Failures come from trying…So the more you try, the more you fail. The more you fail the more you get experience. And the more you get experience…..YOU WILL SUCCEED!
Many a writing dreams have been quashed due to lack of resilience. Whether you’re a novelist or a journalist, you’re not going to hit the bullseye all the time. You will face flak from your readers, superiors, and from people who have never written a word. The only thing that keeps a writer going is to push through all that and keep going. Take criticism as feedback and incorporate it into your future piece of writing. Ignore if you must, but don’t stop writing. Go back to points 1 through 4 and write again. Do whatever you can to keep writing, except quit. Stay put, don’t budge, and most importantly, don’t give up on yourself!

Dr.Shweta Singh
Content Developer (Writing , Editing and Development)

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