How to promote your book online


How to promote your book online

Promoting your book is now very simple.

Create a book trailer

  • A book trailer is a short 1 minute video which highlights the content of your book.
  • Upload it on your social handles.
  • At the end of the video do not forget to add a link to buy the book! It is critical, because, if people
    like the trailer they are most likely to buy it at that time, rather than coming back to it.

People love social media.

It is their way of connecting and being connected with the world. Ask your readers to click photos of
themselves with your book with an interesting caption and announce prizes for the best caption. Use
Twitter. Tweet about your book. Tag the right people.Run contests where people will have to read
your book in order to answer the questions. Keep attractive prizes such that people would want to
participate in the contest.

Make your books available online

Most people prefer to buy from the comfort of their homes nowadays. So, get online. Have your
book listed. Have the option of a digital reading version, like Kindle. In this way you cater to both
kinds of people. Those who like physical books and those who prefer digital reading.


  • Ask your readers to send you videos about your book. Compile them into another video and post on
    social media. People may skip the contest if they do not find the prizes attractive enough to spend
    their time on.
  • Be active on pages of other authors as well. Follow them, comment on their posts and praise their
    works too. This will call for mutual appreciation from those authors too. In most likeliness, they will
    follow you back and may shower words of praise for your book too. This adds to your testimonial list

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