How to be a good writer

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How to be a good writer

We guess you have read our article Write good stories easily. That’s why you decided to come here, if not you can still go back and read it.

Coming to the point on the rules to writing. It has always been and being debated, discussed, analysed, concluded by many, and it wouldn’t harm if we talked about things that make good writers. Writers who take up spaces in peoples’ hearts in addition to their bookshelves.

As a writer, all you have to do is put your heart and soul on paper without prejudice or bias and bring out the emotions in the reader. Paint a picture so real (the way you did with your teacher. Remember?!) and sublime (She believed you right?!…if not…you were not sublime…you were loud and trying to be too convincing).

To be precise when you tell a story ;the reader should be transported to the lands of dreams portrayed in your writing.

Never let your imagination be restricted by your emotion. Let it flow, and know that there is hardly a thing that a writer cannot bring to the constructive imagination of the reader.

When a piece of paper meets a writer, it becomes a piece of art. Art that is intricately linked with pearls in the form of words. Pearls, dug out from the sub-conscious mind and has an endless treasure of self-experiences and that of others, memories good or bad.

Being a writer is not like being a warrior. Going to war each time you sit to write. Seeing a blank page and warring with your thoughts. The ebb and flow of emotions. Writing page after page and realising it’s not good enough, then writing again. It doesn’t matter how much you reject what you write. Start writing for yourself, feel the emotion, relate with it and if you cannot, then reject it to write again, never ever give up.

If you want to create characters or heroes think of all the things that you enjoy doing, that you feel like doing, like rebelling, helping, fighting against bad and evil , things that you feel you cannot do due to limitations, but let your character have the freedom, the courage, the ability to do anything that is imaginatively possible even if it sounds clichéd and impossible. Remember that, at one point of time, no one would have ever thought that it was possible to talk someone far away and the mobile phone has proved it wrong. The internet is also showing lots of things that could never have been perceived to be possible. Easy?. So do you think you can write. Lets move further  to know How to create your characters and blow life into them

Dr.Shweta Singh
Content Developer (Writing , Editing and Development)

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