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How to become an author

And Publish your book in 3 simple steps :

  1. Think of a concept that is good and try to make it unique.
  2. Get it registered with the writer’s association.We will help you in that for a small fee.
  3. We will publish it as a book, distribute to various film production houses & also sell the book online.
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You will be famous!!

As it is said, ‘Content is King’, so, your content decides the Success or Failure of your book. We will assure you maximum publicity by way of social media.

We will want your book to succeed and make more money for you; as it means more books and more scripts coming our way to publish. More film makers will approach us if we give them the quality they want.

We are not the conventional publishers for books on any topic. We are here only for fictional stories that can be made as films. That’s why the name, “The Filmy Story.”

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