Script Analysis

While making a film; it is not easy to foresee whether it will work or not, but in the initial stages of a script it is possible to gauge some of the possibilities. A film doing well or not doing well depends on the plot, the script (screenplay & dialogues).

Even the superstars of Indian cinema had many flops to their credit and many unconventional lead actors gave superhits.

We don’t guarantee that the scripts that we analyse will be superhits or the scripts that we feel; won’t work will be flops, but we can surely give a critical analysis. Our teams comprising of varied age groups present their opinions on each script; which is then consolidated to make a single report. So, your script is analysed …By the People…With the People…For the people!


We all are different. Our tastes and likes are different. There is no single thing in the world that everyone just likes…except money of course …well maybe not everyone but maximum people like money!! But there is room for almost everything in this world.

Why anyone likes something or doesn’t is a matter of choice. Your story is just one of those many things. Until your story reach people in some form you will never know. We will help you to publish your story as a book and then promote it online on Social Media and Online book stores. If it is a hit; you gain twice. One, you get 100%** royalty for your books, and second, maybe someone will want to make a movie out of your book.

Publish Your Book


Have you ever experienced the thing where many times your ideas are completely similar to someone else’s? This is most common with friends with whom a share a special bond. (Hey.. please don’t tell us about your thoughts being similar to that of you GF’s, BF’s, Crush’s etc. It is just a figment of your imagination to impress him or her. Grow up man!!).

Many people can get same ideas and thoughts. We can’t help if your ideas are similar to someone else’s ideas. No one actually can!!

All we can do is help you to get your story copy protected by the government of India or the regional writer’s association. But you know as they say, ‘Prevention is better than cure.’

Content Editing

We provide editing services for the manuscripts of the books that you give us for publishing. Content editing focuses on the general intent of the concept or the idea, content, organization, and writing style of the text in consideration. Meaning to say, that we won’t change the essence; but may modify it to make it more interesting if required. But, ultimately, the story and the idea, and everything else in the book will be yours and we will not have any rights to it.

We just want to put the comma here or a semi colon there, or maybe add a full stop somewhere. Ultimately, it is just about making it better for you. Effective content editing can allow a confusing document to be clearer and more precise, as well as easier to read. Content edits allow an improvement in ease of readability.

Submission to Film

Submission to Film Festivals

If you are a new film maker or a student who wants to make a film and put it out on the film festival circuit we will provide consultancy for the same.

We will also be conducting workshops very soon to help new film makers on how to submit their films to the various film festivals. We also have a section in our film making and script writing workshops on how to submit your films to film festivals.