Book writing Workshop

Book writing Workshop


As much as it may seem interesting to choose fiction as your muse, there is also an untold fear amongst most fiction writers. Will my story be loved?

Fiction is like an open playground where a writer has control over everything. The story, the characters and the plot itself. This itself may inspire many an aspiring writer to venture into fiction.

Although no book is a guaranteed best seller, there are certain nuances which writers can be mindful of, when writing, to make sure their work is a success.

What we teach

  • How to start a story
  • How to create a Plot around the story
  • How to take the plot forward.
  • Point of View of Narrative
  • The right use of Metaphors, Analogy, Symbols to depict certain characters or feelings, or even incidents if required.
  • Creating the right imagery in the story with words that are visual
  • Character Development and establishment
  • Relation between characters
  • Cipher Boards
  • Think like a reader
  • How to select the right genre.
  • Revise and revisit